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The new Lorena's ballet Method of Teaching

The conceptualization of the ballet Method of Teaching "Méthode Russe de Monte-Carlo de Lorena Baricalla" is founded on Lorena's experience as a ballet star and teacher and on the ballet tradition [...]

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The new Oscars of Sport

Lorena is Ambassadress and Master of Ceremonies for the Monaco World Sports Legends Award, the new Oscars of Sport. The official launch has been held in partnership with Sportel Monaco, organized by [...]

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A unique Master of Ceremonies in 5 languages

When we speak about Lorena itís hard to give you a specific connotation, because she is what is described as a 360į performer. She is a unique Master of Ceremonies able to present in 5 languages [...]

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Pop Diva

New projects in the music sector are on the way for Lorena. Many define her as a true Pop Diva. She is gifted with a voice that ranges over 3 octaves, and she is able to sing in English, Italian, [...]

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A fashionable year

2015 is for Lorena the year of fashion. She attended both Paris Fashion Week and Milano Fashion Week and she has been the guest of multiple fashion shows. The grace and elegance of a ballet star [...]

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