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"On the Road", a new photo shooting !

A new serie of photos for the socials following a new concept. "On the road" it's not only a way to show new outfits for the season - by Forever 21 - but it is also a metaphor of is [...]

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Supporting young dancers and the ballet schools

“Supporting young dancers and ballet schools” Parallel to her career as a performer, Lorena Baricalla has built on her knowledge of dance in order to fine-tune her own teaching method. “The [...]

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In Italiano - L'intervista a Lorena per Monaco Imprese Mag

MIM: Come ci può descrivere la sua esperienza con il suo Talk Show “Sporting Stars: the men or the woman behind the champion" si può vedere sul web, vero? Lorena Baricalla: Il Talk Show è [...]

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As Host of the Talk Show “Sporting Stars

Lorena is the Host of “Sporting Stars: the men or the woman behind the champion" broadcast during the Monaco World Sports Legends Award, the Oscars of Sport. The Talk Show can be seen on the Monaco [...]

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En Français - L'interview de Lorena pour Sab Magazine

1) Vous êtes une artiste éclectique, de la danse, en passant par la chanson et l'écriture... Qu'est-ce qui vous plaît le plus dans cette multiplicité ? Lorena Baricalla: En tant qu’artiste [...]

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