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A photo shooting in Monte-Carlo

For Lorena it is fundamental to bring the glamour, magically created by fashion, to each shooting, not only by wearing the various outfits but also by interpreting them in different ways. Being a [...]

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Be a star, a natural attitude

It is not easy to be under the limelight every day. Every detail has to be perfect. Not only the make up, the hair and the outfit but also the body has to be in the best fit for all the different [...]

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Sheherazade, a successful role

Sheherazade is a role which is a highlight of Lorena's career. She now created a new choreographic version of "Sheherazade", returning to this role that marked the beginning of her career. She [...]

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Lorena Baricalla, President of the Jury of the International ballet exams

Lorena Baricalla has been the President of the Jury of the International Ballet Exams held in Teatro Chiabrera, Savona, Italy. With her in the Jury also star Randy Diamond and former prima ballerina [...]

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The interview for The Global Townhall

The apolitical organisation The Global Townhall, which brings together specific interviews of influential celebrities throughout the world, has invited Lorena Baricalla to take part in this [...]

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