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A fashionable year

2015 is for Lorena the year of fashion. She attended both Paris Fashion Week and Milano Fashion Week and she has been the guest of multiple fashion shows. The grace and elegance of a ballet star [...]

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Lorena Baricalla Official Ambassadress for Reel Focus

Lorena Baricalla has been requested to be the Official Ambassadress of ReelFocus, the new web platform of the entertainment sector. It will operate worldwide and Promo Art Monte-Carlo Production, [...]

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VEGB Goodwill Ambassadress for the children of Guinea Bissau

Lorena Baricalla has been named Goodwill Ambassadress for the Organisation VEGB - Visage des Enfants de la Guinée-Bissau, which helps African children. This is a very important humanitarian cause. [...]

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A citizen of the world

Many of you ask which are Lorena's origins.....She is from Monaco, where her family is established since 6 generations. Her mother is French Monaco born, her father was Italian and her grandfather [...]

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As Ambassadress for Creazen fashion brand

When speaking about Lorena Baricalla, it’s difficult to slot her into any one sector. She can be described as a 360° artist in that she is prima ballerina, singer and actress as well as choreographer [...]

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