"On the Road", a new photo shooting !

A new serie of photos for the socials following a new concept. "On the road" it's not only a way to show new outfits for the season - by Forever 21 - but it is also a metaphor of life......life is a long trip and we have to follow our own way. Life is also evolution and we have to be different every day but being true to ourselves. "I have official pages on all the main socials"- tells Lorena. "Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumbrl….I have so much support from so many fans around the world. Every day I receive so kind messages and comments full of appreciation. I am very grateful for this! I am always surprised how people can understand so much about me just looking my photos or videos. As my fans are always asking for new photos and ideas I often realize new shootings."

Photo Gallery

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