A photo shooting in Monte-Carlo

For Lorena it is fundamental to bring the glamour, magically created by fashion, to each shooting, not only by wearing the various outfits but also by interpreting them in different ways. Being a performer is in everything she does. It was natural for her to link show and fashion. All fashion brands are represented by sportsmen and women, singers or actors and Lorena is a perfect Ambassadress and Endorser for fashion and jewels brands both for International events and for photo shootings. At the question made by a journalist "where does your ability to interpret every garment in a different way come from?" Lorena answered: "Because I am a performer. I am very sensitive and for me every outfit is like a costume in the theatre of life, which according to our mood brings out a particolar aspect of our personality." shooting in the Presidential Suite of Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel, photos: Debora Ducci

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